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I am Sebastien Loustau, researcher in the laboratory LMAP at UPPA and also involved in the I-Site E2S-UPPA, initiative d'excellence supported by UPPA, INRIA, INRAE and CNRS (see a french marketing video here).
I am also president of the non-profit organization IAPau and the founder of the AI startup LumenAI.

Prior to it, you might have met me in Marseille (Institut de Marseille, previously LATP) where I defended my phd in 2008 under the supervision of the late professor Laurent Cavalier, or in Centrale Marseille or Aix-Marseille 1, where I teached Probability, Statistics and Machine Learning, or more recently in LAREMA, where I defended my Habilitation thesis in 2014 about Online Learning and Inverse Statistical Learning.

My research interests are focused on online learning, mathematical statistics, information theory and more generally mathematical statistics for machine learning. I am interested by techniques that process data on the fly, that have mathematical motivations and theoretical guaranteed, such as excess risk or regret bounds. More recently, I am interested in the applications of these activities to deep learning techniques and environmental challenges.
Why deep learning ? Because many companies, researchers and engineers, have popularized this family of algorithms 10 years ago thanks to really good performances in computer vision and natural langage processing.
Why environmental challenges ? Because nowadays, there is a scientific evidence about the fact that the unprecedented current warming trend is extremely likely to be the result of human activity since the mid-20th century.

Feel free to send me any emails to discuss my work at sebastien[dot]loustau[at]univ-pau.fr.

☝♡ If you want to join the GreenAI UPPA team, contact me we have open positions. If you are at the second step of the 2021 Hiring Process, please, download this file to make your consumption report.

See me on various videos on the web to illustrate my daily work and scientific interests:

Current main position 2020-, Researcher at LMAP of the UPPA, chairman of GreenAI UPPA
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